The Only Job I Could Stand

I have had lots of jobs: limo owner and driver, accountant, computer programmer, office assistant, hotel desk clerk, youth minister, pastor, and the list goes on….but the only job I could finally stand is that of a Therapist. I think I always wanted to be a Therapist, but I had to rule out some other things first. I always felt I had the knack for doing therapy, but other things took precedence, like thinking I wanted to make a lot of money. I found that money only motivates me so far and then I’m left wanting. Doing therapy is so rewarding because I get invited into peoples’ lives and see sides of my clients others never see. It’s pure joy to get to do a job I’d probably continue to do even if I won the lottery. Not that it isn’t draining, it is. Not that some days suck, they do. But I would not go back to anything I’ve done previously because nothing else fits like doing therapy. I don’t even know if I’m really making a difference in peoples’ lives, but I hope so. I hope that God is working through me to challenge others to be their best. I hope that I can inspire others to see what life can be.